2013 Lake Tahoe Adventure

We were grateful to go to Lake Tahoe this year.  In a time of year where there would be a few fun patches of snow and the sun will be warm enough to swim.  We were invited by some good friends to stay at the Ridge Tahoe Resort through their timeshare. Before going, Danielle learned a little bit of why Lake Tahoe water is so blue and clear and about sugar pine cones.  We all learned also about chipmunks.  We would go out and look for them just before they go into their burrows for the winter.



Being around God’s creation is inspiring to give Him all the glory and marvel at every tree, every critter, every rock and breathtaking view.




In the mornings, fresh and getting warm, we would go hiking.



A hike with children makes it more meaningful and fun.  They pretended to be in some kind of Jonathan park adventure.  Even I got to be Mrs. Brennan and Liberty supposed to be Summer Melody.







Jose, aka, Dr. Park, would show the children the “petrified wood”, the “rock formations” and interpret them as remains of Noah’s Flood.



Mom is very hot with that coat on.



Everyone ran to find a patch of snow.  It was the first time Noah saw and played with snow.


Notice the stroller in the corner.  It would have been easier to carry Liberty in the carrier, but, up to a point, the stroller made it, before everyone else adventured ahead and around.



Liberty, relaxing in the indoor heated swimming pool.  This whole pool is 3 feet.  Everyone had a blast.



There is Dad, where is Mom.  Oh, she is relaxing in the spa.




On Sunday, we visited new friends at a church in North Lake Tahoe.  What a beautiful place to have a church.  It was surrounded by pines.  Pine cones were everywhere.



Destiny likes to play with dirt a lot.  She is burying pine cones here.




We came down the mountain to enjoy the lake.  The sun was warm, but the water was freezing cold.  For some reason, the kids like it, or they don’t mind it.  They all took off their shoes, rolled up their pants and got their feet wet.  We had to put some boundaries as to how far they can get wet.



Liberty here, didn’t understand the instructions and ran straight into the water.  She managed to get her whole body wet.  I ran behind her but couldn’t detain her.  So I went in as fast as I could with shoes and all to quickly grab her.  She was shocked at how cold it was.  I undressed her and wrapped her up in my sweater.



There is Destiny again, thinking how nice it would be if she could just get in the water.



Danielle had an experiment going on.  She build a little hut on a small rock and another one on the sand.  She would bring water and see which one will stand like the parable Jesus told about building our house on the rock.




Overall, it was a fun and memorable experience.  We can’t wait to do it again, 4 days was far too short.




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