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No-Bake Healthy Granola Bars

  I like to have these handy to grab a healthy powerful snack to-go or to serve with a morning shake when I’m running late in the mornings. This is a real treat for my children.  They absolutely loved them! … Continue reading

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How to Make Curtido for Pupusas (Salvadorian Sourkrout)

There are many different recipes out for Curtido.  We have adopted this one as our favorite mainly for it’s richness in nutrition.  And if you visit us for lunch or dinner, just ask, we’ll have it.  If we don’t, it’s … Continue reading

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Easiest Sourdough Pizza

Saturday nights are Pizza nights at our home.  This time I was running late in preparing it (like often) that I was so happy when this pizza was done in about 30 minutes.  It also helped that I had all … Continue reading

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Our Winter Family Schedule

A great relief about homeschooling is the flexibility in the every day schedule.  Every year our life changes.  We have new needs to meet, children are growing, a new baby, budget change and the list goes on.  I am constantly … Continue reading

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Blessed Motherhood

Oh, Mothers of young children, I bow before you in reverence. Your work is most holy. You are fashioning the destinies of immortal souls. The powers folded up in the little ones that you hushed to sleep in your bosoms … Continue reading

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Tried and True Easy Sourdough Starter

  Search no more!  Finally an easy and successful sourdough starter.  Believes me I tried several times to no avail.  I regretted wasting my flour and yeast and money buying grapes pineapple juice and so forth.  This was my last … Continue reading

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Homemade Sugar-Free Whipped Cream

This has got to be the easiest thing you do homemade in your kitchen.  My daughter makes it in 10 seconds. I know because she is good at timing it To follow my instructions.  The secret is that it s … Continue reading

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Sourdough Whole Grain Flax Waffles

  It is Saturday, a morning for waffles at our home.  These are exceptionally delicious and so good for you too!  Anything sourdough, prepared correctly, will be easier for digestion by working out those phytates and gluten. This recipe will … Continue reading

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True Femininity

  There is an idea that being feminine is all about soft velvet hands thanks to a high end hand lotion.  On top of that, you may add the long fake nails–are those things still around?– and make up galore. … Continue reading

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Homemade Lacto Fermented Mayonnaise

  Every Tuesday is a fun day in the kitchen when I spend the day preparing for the week’s meals.  This Tuesday I made Lacto Fermented Mayonnaise, among other things that I will share as well.   The main reason … Continue reading

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