2014 Snapshot of the Erazo Household

A few weeks ago I was telling my daughter we were in 2014 because of an announcement in the library.  She assured me we are in 2015.  I said, “No, the library says here that they are going to start doing this in the  year 2015 that’s next year.”  Well, that was embarrassing!  I realized, how difficult a year that was for me.  Perhaps the most difficult in all my life.

Although I struggled emotionally and cried many tears, the Lord was most gracious unto me by rewarding me with a precious baby, Nathaniel Ethan.  How loving and patient God is!

The lessons learned are invaluable.  The children learned much about the doings of God and to depend and trust in Him.  Family worship triumphed by teaching the children disciplines of prayer and His righteousness.  We concluded the year reading from our “Give Thanks Wall” which are postings of praises, answered prayers and thanksgivings we do throughout the year.

Here is a very brief snapshot of the year:

The Birthdays:  Destiny turned 6 years old.

Happy birthday Destiny


Noah turned 4 years old.  He wanted to visit the Redwood trees for his birthday.

redwood trees


Liberty Joy turned 2 years old.  We celebrated her birthday by going to the Gilroy Gardens.



Danielle turned 10 years old.  We had a dainty tea party.  Her piano teacher, Mrs. Hershey, came to wish her happy birthday.  To celebrate her also, Dad took her to a horseback riding session with Mrs. Reed.

danielle's birthday

danielle and horse 2


The beach is near us.  We took trips whenever we could get away.  The water is very cold but that won’t stop the children from having fun.

carmelbeach3at the beachThis was a special trip to Carmel 17 mile drive as a reward for Danielle finishing copying the book of Proverbs.  She learned many things like spelling, grammar, vocabulary, wisdom, diligence, excellence, discipline, understanding among others.17 mile17 mile drive317 mile libby17 mile drive 517 mi drive17 mi drive destiny17 mi drive


We enjoyed the War Between the States Reenactment at Roaring Camp.


civil war

civil war hat

danielle's hat

destiny sewing




We had an abundance of apricots from our tree this year.  We made apricot ice cream, jam, pies and ate lots of them.



Our garden was small this year because of my pregnancy.  I could not get around to planting during the season.  But we got some strawberries and cucumbers going.  The girls also planted a flower garden.

danielle weeding

danielle in garden 2


danielle weeding


Wings of History in May was a thrilling event for Danielle.  I can’t believe we let her fly in the helicopter.  She loved it of course.  Such an adventurer as she is!  There she goes.


Danielle in helicopter


Destiny in the Fire Fighters truck.

fire fighter's truck



Thus our Worldschool (aka homeschool) experience for this year was a success in my opinion.  The Lord provides the opportunities He wants his children to have.  We are their guides.  Study took place anywhere and in different places.





Danielle and Destiny participated in Piano Recitals.  We have been trying to cultivate an appreciation for music.


Another part of the children’s education was starting a small business called Wonderfully Made Body Products.  We completely sold all of our whole body products, about 20 different ones, and established faithful customers.  Some were sold to friends, family and through our Etsy shop.   We all brainstormed together, created a website for it and formulated our own recipes with professional guidance.  Danielle was a great sales representative who worked on commission.  Destiny has great marketing ideas.

wonderfully madewonderfully made2

A big miracle of God’s angels very tangible to all our children was the day Noah got ran over by our van on one foot.  By God’s grace, no bones were broken.   He drag his foot for about a week or two.  So we took him to the beach to brighten his days.



noah and dad


Above all, the greatest blessing and miracle was the gift of Nathaniel Ethan.  I could have not gone through the hardships of this year without God’s goodness of this precious gift.

nathaniel ethan




By God’s grace, the Erazo’s share in His joy.





It is a joy to see the growth of each of these children.  Here are the many faces of each:



sisters and noah


roaring camp




siblings 2

gilroy g


brother & sister





Cute Libby, as we call her.

libbyon tree




libbyat beach


little shoppers





libby on horse


libby and dog


Liberty is such a loving sister to her little brother since the day he was born.



I had fun having a special tea time with Destiny.  Danielle set up a beautiful table for us here.  Destiny grew beautifully all year.  She is our goofy one right now bringing laughter to the whole family and a very loving girl.



tea with destiny



mrs. reed


girloy destiny




destiny on chip


destiny's hat






Noah has been a delightful son.  I have taken joy in his care and obedience.  He wants to be a noble knight for the Lord.

noah and dog


He began to learn reading.  Here he is trying to read? or sleep?


noah on chip




What boy does not love adventure?

17 miledrive




noah gilroy



Our Danielle continues to break ground for the rest of her siblings, fearless and adventurous.

wings of history






danielle and dog




Taking every opportunity to learn about God’s Creation.


beach 4


She was able to ride by herself and did wonderfully.

danielle on horse


We must not forget another addition to the Erazo household, our playful blessed Shiloh.


Thus, our battles were grave but we finished the year victoriously in Christ.  Praise be to God from whom all blessings flow.


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