A Woman Is: Gentle


“They call woman sometimes, in thoughtless flattery, an angel, but here an angel in sober truth she is, a messenger sent by God to assuage the sorrows of humanity. The worn traveler who has come through the desert with his life and nothing more; the warrior faint and bleeding from the battle; the distressed of every age and country-long instinctively for this Heaven-provided help. Deep in the sufferer’s nature, in the hour of his need, springs the desire to feel a woman’s hand binding his wound or wiping his brow-to hear soft words dropping from a woman’s lips….Woman was needed in Eden; how much more in this thorny world outside! Physically, the vessel is weak, but in that very weakness her great strength lies. If knowledge is power in department, gentleness is power in woman’s.” From The Family by J.R. Miller. again a book I like to reread because I get convicted and inspired to be the woman God has called us to be.

We are commanded by God to be of a “gentle and quiet spirit”.   This inward behavior is not easy to cultivate.  In fact, it is hard, very hard and impossible without the Holy Spirit’s help.  A gentle woman is a strong woman.  It is easy and natural to be loud and boisterous.  It takes character and self control to be of a quiet spirit.   It is easy to be sloppy, and careless.  It takes patience and love to be gentle.

Too often our culture has looked down on the “gentle and quiet spirit” in a woman because it seems as a sign of weakness.  Therefore, Christian woman think they have to be loud to be heard and noticed and have a manly tomboish disposition to be strong.  Not so, it speaks the opposite, insecurity and weak spirit with no self-control.

Our families and the world need our gentle touch in their hurting lives.  Our nursing hands will bring healing to the broken hearts around us.  Let us stop and be transformed into women of a “gentle and quiet spirit which is precious in the sight of God” 1 Peter 3:4

I invite anyone who wants to participate in this topic chain about “A Woman is…”  You will pick a word about what a woman is and write a short post about it.  I will review it and post it.  This is an exiting time we live in when we have the opportunity to restore the real meaning of Biblical Womanhood.  You can be a part of this ministry.  Send me a message or leave a comment.



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