A Woman is: Of A Quiet Spirit

Take the test if you are of a “quiet spirit” as in 1 Peter 3:4.  This character quality is related to a husband/wife relationship.  We can also be quiet outside and angrily loud in our hearts.  Here is example of what I mean shared by generation cedar:

You are walking through your house (bedroom, living room..), and your husband’s clothes and shoes are, let’s just say, “misplaced”–a usual scene. Do you:

1.  Throw them all in a corner and “show him” what happens if he doesn’t pick up after himself?

2.  Pick them up grumbling as you put them away?

3.  Dwell on all the things he does for you that he doesn’t have to, and consider it a blessing to be able to serve him in such a small way? Proceed to fold/hang his clean clothes as neatly as possible for an “extra blessing”?

I know, we’ve all reacted the wrong way. I have many times.  The grumbling begins and I confess that I dwell on number 3 and gladly pick up my husbands shoes and clothes!    The same applies to chores I detest like washing dishes.  There was a time that I liked, or didn’t mind, washing dishes.  But now with no dishwasher and or regular sink.  I find it a little “challenge”.  I thank God I don’t have to gather water from the river, well, and that I have hot water.  I thank God that I have a family that I love and uses these dishes.  I thank God for the laundry I fold with my daughters because they are for the precious family He has given me to love.

This quiet spirit will actually make us beautiful. That’s right! more than make up and a stylish up-do.  The Bible says that it is an ornament.  A beautiful wife makes a husband happy and thus a happy marriage.  I bet you haven’t heard this formula in the secular advises for a happy marriage.  We can be by God’s grace a beautiful ornament for our  homes.



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Francesca Erazo has a passion to see her generations being strong in the Lord. Homesteading has provided an opportunity to grow in many areas of life for the whole family.
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