A Woman is: Strong and Honorable


One of my favorite verses in Proverbs 31 is:  “She is clothed with strength and honor, and she can laugh at the time to come.”

“She has no real fear, because her eyes are fixed on following His will. Whatever befalls her has passed through the hands of the One who loves her most.”

“Strength and honor are her clothing.”

How can we wear strength and honor? For one thing, Biblical womanhood is no weakling, which is what the world would want to portray it as.

God has a unique view of women that no one in the world could imagine.  The pictures of honor, strength like “an army with banners”, describe a rare type of woman.  No culture in the world including the western feminist culture could elevate women to such superior standards.

Strength does not mean muscular or physically strong.  Although, I believe we are to physically strong or fit for different suitable tasks, but inner strength is what would differentiate a woman of God.  martha

One who can stand strong in the Rock in the face of turmoil.  This would requires faith in God “at the days to come”.  This is why a strong woman won’t go crazy when trouble appears.  And trials do come.  She would understand as God’s providential dealings with her, her family, her generation and with history.  She can think beyond herself and her well being trusting completely in God.  Only then, can fear of the future dissipate.

An honorable woman knows she is Christ ambassador at all times.  That means when dealing with the little ones who are emotionally falling apart at the same time, she can calmly sooth them to a peaceful rest. hanna I like to practice this picture because it doesn’t come natural.  Therefore, we are honorable not because we may bear a distinguished last name or heritage, because of our wisdom or wealth but because we have been bought with a price.  All the honor we bear comes from Him.  We must wear it with dignity and represent Him well before kings as well as before our toddlers.

Since I have been pondering on these words.  I have noticed more of my shortcomings.  I have been repenting more and asking for more grace and for help to be worthy of bearing His Name.  There are days when my minutes are taken back to back  until I drop in bed at the end of the day.  These days is when I need to be more watchful that I am not absorbed as to not extend even even gestures of love and kindness to those around me.

These two qualities, strength and dignity, will naturally overflow to our physical bodies.  The Lord showed me a picture once about myself representing him before my family.  Well, the way I presented myself outwardly didn’t quite match.  Since then, I make sure my daily attire is also honorable.

Let’s shine these beautiful pictures of strength and dignity to such an obscure world who doesn’t desperately needs them.

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Francesca Erazo has a passion to see her generations being strong in the Lord. Homesteading has provided an opportunity to grow in many areas of life for the whole family.
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