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I’ve heard these arguments, “We send our kids like Jesus said, sheep among wolves”,  “Our kids have excelled in public school”, “My child is a straight A student”, “We can’t abandon the school system, the enemy will gain more ground”.  And so on and so on.

Really, really really!  If your goal is to educate your children,  Public School has failed everytime, even if your child gets straight A’s.  I was one of them.  Even since first grade I was the best student in class.  I’m not exaggerating, all the way through College.  My father taught me since very little not to be a good student but to be the best.  Soon, it just became a part of me to be excellent in everything I did.  I went through schooling just fine but gain no real education.  This is a big difference.  I did the right thing my teachers asked me, but was I learning truth that would change me?  No.  A few things I learned are, and your children are learning too:

  1.  Betty Friedman was a hero
  2. How to use condoms
  3. Our Founding Fathers were atheist and deists
  4. Hidden truths about George Washington.  History textbooks have been revised over and over to delete Providence interventions, miracles in the founding of America.
  5. Planned Parenthood will take care of you
  6. Homosexualism is another naturally biologica sex
  7. In Elementary, you learn about fairies, Christmas is all about Santa Claus.
  8. We came from monkeys
  9. The earth is millions and millions of years old
  10. Dinasours are millions and millions of years old
  11. In the beginning there was a spec of dust and everything came from there
  12. To believe what the teacher says is true, and not parents
  13. It’s ok to break every single of the 10 commandmants.

From friends you learn:

  1. To be cool and hang out with them instead of with your parents or siblings
  2. Sex
  3. Inmodest, lustful dress
  4. Spend a lot of money in cosmetics and toiletries and unfitting clothing
  5. Laugh at foolishness
  6. Tolerate sinful life styles
  7. Experiment if you are bisexual
  8. To talk like them
  9. Bible is not relevant
  10. Dating
  11. Ungodly music
  12. Waste time

And the lists can go on and on.  You can add to this list.

Here is the formula: 

Teaching academia truth + a little bit of poison mixed in it = A new pattern of thinking

“The tuth is that in the late 19th century the government Marxist cartel overthrew home education because Christians were a danger to a Marxist utopia.  There were important political reasons to take parents completely out of the picture.  Once that happened, teachers replaced parents and diverged them from theology.  They began to school them rather than educate them into patterns of thinking and behavior conforming to a socialistic state.

The best minds of America have been conditioned to information that is not true about many things and education itself.  When we think of school we think with a compromised mind of Marxist schooling.  For example, it is false that public school have always existed in civilized country.  They are a recent failed experiment.  Before, literacy was almost 100% and now it has destroyed literacy and compromised students to think and created a deep moral paralizes.  Marxist say it’s a success because it has done just that.   It was their goal.

Psychologist John Dewey said, “high literacy is an obstacle to socialism.”  He proposed a system to reduce literacy in students through a forced public education system.  For over a century, the experts have institutionalized children. They’ve schooled them, not educated them.  They’ve limited their access to their parents and access to real education.  All this is necessary for a successful socialist economy.  Today social planners say, “schooling is the way children will be fit for life in the modern world.”  This is why so many parents are uncomfortable with the idea of home education.  They believe it will rob their children of success in this world.  And yes, it might.  There is the opportunity to build something different.  Educate our children to live for the kingdom of God and not the kingdom of this world.  A complete non socialist world.” Insert by Geoff Botkin

Shall we conform? to the patterns of this world?  Or shall we follow God’s Word on Educating our children?

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