California’s Marriage Law Under Fire

Wedding Rings, marriage

Wedding Rings, marriage

This week the eyes of America, if not the world, are in California.  Will California’s Judge and Governor ban the Constitution of California which states “Marriage is Between a Man and a Woman”?  Twice the people of California have voted but it’s legistators have been ignoring the votes of the people.

Now one judge has decided that Gay Marriages are allowed in the same category.   I know many don’t agree with this ruling.  What is there to be done?  It is the citizens of California who have the power to impeech this judge who is an employee of the State.  We cannot sit and watch.  We must act, we must call, we must make noise and a lot of it.

So many people don’t like the way legistators rule, but who put them there in the first place?  So many people don’t care to vote, so they can’t complain.  Californians CANNOT be silent anymore.  Moreover, the people of God must pray and act, pray and vote.  We cannot be selfish and think of ourselves only, but what kind of society will our children inherit from us. A Sodom?  Love your future generations.  Anywhere you live, because other States are surely to follow California.  Worst yet, if this case is taken to Supreme Court, which has just become liberal with the new judge in place.

We are people of prayer and grassroots movement.  We have called people to gather together and pray, until something happens.  We’ll be posting updates on this about what to do too.  But this homosexual agenda must STOP.

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