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Our Family Rules from the Duggar’s

I like to put things on the wall that will remind my family and I of God’s Word and what He expects of us as His children.  God even commands us to

How To Actively Engage Children In God’s Word

This is a great way to get into God’s Word with your children.  Doing this simple steps will become a natural way to engage in God’s Word. I do these personally without

The Home: A Center For Discipleship – Part 6

  When we gather as a family to brainstorm for ideas to do or make for others, our mission is always before us.  Christ charged us with the Great Commission, “Go ye

The Home Is A Place Where His Presence Dwells – Part 3

Digging through the Scriptures about what does God has to say about a home or a house, I discovered that it is a subject very dear to His heart.  He has a

Yom Kippur Teaching – Day Of Atonement

We like watching this teaching every year on Day of Atonement.  Amazing! There are 10 videos so make sure to link them before you start to watch them.

Family Devotions

Every morning our day starts with family worship, Bible and prayer.  With little ones, let me tell you, it’s quite different.  We can’t expect the deep worship we’re used to in the