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2014 Snapshot of the Erazo Household

A few weeks ago I was telling my daughter we were in 2014 because of an announcement in the library.  She assured me we are in 2015.  I said, “No, the library

Nurturing Children Through A Read-Aloud Story Hour

One of the most beautiful scenes is a mother sitting with a book and her children snuggled around her.  My children absolutely love this time.  It is a time of closeness and

Home Education Out Of The Box Part 5

Here we have a young family who vertured to tour the world in one year.  This homeschool family were worldschooling like real troopers.  We might never have this superb oppotunity, maybe not

Profiles in Home Education – Part 4

Here are two inspiring stories of two young men who see the world out of the box.    Be challenged by this amazing story of Kelvin Doe.  But, beware!  He is portrayed

2013 Lake Tahoe Adventure

We were grateful to go to Lake Tahoe this year.  In a time of year where there would be a few fun patches of snow and the sun will be warm enough

Learning Aviation History the Fun Way

This weekend was a tremendous learning experience for the whole family at our local area Air Exposition.  We had previously learned of the remarkably story of the Wright Brothers.  In an age

Friday Family Fun: Free Play In The Great Outdoors

What child doesn’t like to be an explorer in nature?  I remember when I was a child; I loved hiking.  Anything to be surrounded by trees, bubbling streams, bugs, the sound of

Weekend Family Fun: Creation’s Scavenger Hunt

Something that children always love are scavenger hunts.  I like putting meaningful scavenger hunts that will teach a lesson.  I will share some of them in the future.  Here is a simple