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Home Education Out Of The Box Part 5

Here we have a young family who vertured to tour the world in one year.  This homeschool family were worldschooling like real troopers.  We might never have this superb oppotunity, maybe not

Profiles in Home Education – Part 4

Here are two inspiring stories of two young men who see the world out of the box.    Be challenged by this amazing story of Kelvin Doe.  But, beware!  He is portrayed

A Different Way To Homeschool: A LifeStyle Of Learning

I have a daughter who loves to learn just about anything.  Here she is flying an airplane in this plane simulator.  Life is so interesting to her except when she is sitting

Learning Aviation History the Fun Way

This weekend was a tremendous learning experience for the whole family at our local area Air Exposition.  We had previously learned of the remarkably story of the Wright Brothers.  In an age

The Rise & Fall & Rise of Motherhood In America

Excellent article on motherhood: Only Women Can Be Mothers Have We Forgotten This Fundamental? By Douglas Phillips Only a woman can carry in her body an eternal being which bears the very

Friday Family Fun: Free Play In The Great Outdoors

What child doesn’t like to be an explorer in nature?  I remember when I was a child; I loved hiking.  Anything to be surrounded by trees, bubbling streams, bugs, the sound of

Documentary of the year: AGENDA, Grinding America down

On sale now  for only $12 plus take advantage of the great sale up to 60% off on various products. When Idaho legislator Curtis Bowers wrote a “Letter to the Editor” about

Amazing Grace by John Newton

This year in Thanksgiving, I am forever thankful for His Amazing Grace.  My good Heavenly Father continues to love me inspite of my sinful heart. These last days I have been found

There was a time when Government called the Nation to a Day for Fasting and Prayer

God has given these instructions. It’s a God thing, not a man’s good idea. The word of the Lord came to Joel…consecrate a fast, proclaim a solemn assembly; gather the elders and

Demographic Bomb

“‘Demographic Bomb’ shows what happens when countries comprising 80% of the world’s economy have plummeting numbers of workers, consumers and innovators – leading to falling consumer spending, and too few workers to