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The Myth Of A Mother’s Paycheck

The greatest excuse women give for not staying at home is that they can’t afford it.  They need two incomes to survive.  I live in one of the top 4 most expensive

The Home: A Place of Economics – Part 9

I really want to inspire women to come back home and make it their center for economic affairs.  It can be their source, not a sacrifice.  I wish to debunk the myths

Essential Oils Uses For The Natural Homemaker: A Basic Guide For Starters

I highly recommend adding essential oils to our homemaking.  They are so helpful in many different ways from calming down super active children in the evening to healing scrapes and adding a

A Homemaker Is A Full Time Stay-At-Home Woman

Yes, it can be done!  I know this topic is very unpopular and most woman, including Christian woman, would argue that “you gotta do what you gotta do”, meaning they have no

A Word About Debt and Borrowing

Yes, yes, I know it is very tempting to get into debt, to borrow money.  Especially with all these Government insentives for people to upgrade their cars, houses and appliances.  A few years

Credit Score or A Good Name?

I’ve heard many say “I don’t care about my credit.”  There are different reasons why people would say that.  “It’s a concept of the kingdom of this world”, “you should not live

Living Debt Free

We live in one of the most expensive areas of the United States.  People here believe is a way of life and totally normal to live in debt or at least have