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Homemade Multi-Vitamin and Multi-Mineral, Calcium, And Double Immune Tincture Formulas

There are different ways to make your own tincture.  They are very similar and very simple.  That’s is why I have been making my own for my whole family’s supplement needs.  They

Chili Pepper Will Keep Your Stored Grains Free From Unwanted Bugs

Simply drop a dried chili pepper into your storage container and the smell of the pepper will repel bugs and “fumigate” forming ones.  Another step we do prior to storing our grains

Homemade Multi Purpose Healing Salve

We made this healing salve for all the awees we have everyday.  It is very easy to make, smells great, and heals the skin wonderfully.  We adapted it from  But we didn’t

Emergency Preparedness: Simple and Inexpensive Refrigeration

For right now, we don’t have a solar panel yet.  If we needed refrigeration and it wasn’t winter and no access to ice, my first choice for alternative refrigerationi to have ready

34 Ways to Use Lemon Essential Oil: A Favorite In Our Home

I have been on the theme of “Lemon” here and we praise God for giving us this amazing fruit. This oil is one of my favorite because it is so versatile.  There are

25 Uses For Lemon Peels And Homemade Lemon Vinegar

We made this fabulous orange vinegar for cleaning, disinfectant and spray.  We never have chemical loaded cleaners because they make  you sick.  We liked it a lot so we made lemon too.

Homemade Stain Remover and Laundry Detergent and Save Money

I have been using this detergent soap for more than five years now and really like it.  Now I am using my own homemade Oxiclean, clothes stain remover. The recipe for the

Emergency Preparedness: Water Purification

When it comes to planning Emergency situations, water is at the top of our list.  Where do I get water from when I ran out of clean water?  How do I haul

Homemade Cough / Cold Remedies For Children

A mother is many things.  Among one of the most important is a nurse.  Sicknesses are inevitable with children.  I am thankful for the opportunity to nurse our children to health.  They

Simple and Cheap Food Preparedness

Have you been overwhelmed by all the dried food buckets for emergencies and their high prices.  I don’t like processed foods, so I have been saving legumes and grain in bulk for