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10 Ways to Make Your Children Hate Learning

Ten Ways to Make Your Children Hate Learning — by Victoria Botkin 1. Exasperate them with bureaucratic micro-management (ie. Insist that they do everything just the way the Teacher’s Guide told you

A Woman is: Of A Quiet Spirit

Take the test if you are of a “quiet spirit” as in 1 Peter 3:4.  This character quality is related to a husband/wife relationship.  We can also be quiet outside and angrily

The Woman’s Place

From Ladies Against Feminism, a timely word from R. J. Rushdoony We talk a lot on LAF about the “family economy” and how it eliminates the whole mythical “work-family balance” that causes eruptions in

Homeschool Help: What Does a “Lifestyle of Learning” Look Like?

  Again, the Boyer’s advise on homeschooling our talented children have been very helpful.   My very adventurous girl will do her homework in the great outdoors and actually do it!  she

A Different Way To Homeschool: A LifeStyle Of Learning

I have a daughter who loves to learn just about anything.  Here she is flying an airplane in this plane simulator.  Life is so interesting to her except when she is sitting

Why Have Babies?

“Four is a good number, you’re done, right?” This is a typical comment I get coupled with “What beautiful children you have!”  Well, these two comments don’t really go together.  If my

The Myth Of A Mother’s Paycheck

The greatest excuse women give for not staying at home is that they can’t afford it.  They need two incomes to survive.  I live in one of the top 4 most expensive

The Home: A Place of Economics – Part 9

I really want to inspire women to come back home and make it their center for economic affairs.  It can be their source, not a sacrifice.  I wish to debunk the myths

The home as a place of real hospitality – Part 8

Is hospitality throwing a Martha Stewart fancy or trendy dinner or superbowl party for our friends or family? According to the Bible, it definitely does not end there. One thing is for

The Home As A Lighthouse – Part 7

  The home is to be a place where we shine as lights in the world (Philippians 2:15).  This world needs to see God’s goodness in our families.  Friends, relatives and neighbors