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Happy Birthday to a Blessed Dad & Best Chocolate Cake Recipe With Real Food Ingredients!

Our beloved turns 44 today!  What a joy and a blessing to have a man who fears the Lord.  Danielle got to play “Happy Birthday” song in the piano while Noah drummed

Healthy Homemade Graham Crackers

Shabbat Shalom!  We ventured to have some fun baking graham crackers.  Destiny and Noah scoot their chairs to help as soon as they see flour in a bowl to make dough or

Papa Bear’s Blueberry Muffins

Destiny likes to cuddle with the cute story of Goldilocks.   The story ends with everyone eating blueberry muffins.  Now Destiny like to help bake these and enjoy them with a glass

Happy 9th Birthday To Our Young Artist And Best Carrot Cake Recipe

Danielle turned 9!  She was very grateful that the Lord answered her prayer of riding a horse before her birthday. She had a blessed day full of fun with friends and family.

How To Make Lavender Oil, And 30 Ways to Use It For The Whole Family

It has been a lavender week around here.  We don’t have lavender plants but a friend gave us for pruning her plants.  We had two bags full.  Danielle and Destiny helped make

How To Make Apricot Jam

We had a big harvest of apricots this year from just one tree.  In the morning Dad and little Noah went out to the tree and had a good time harvesting two

Carrot and Zucchini Bread with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

We’ve had lots of zucchini’s given to us by our friends.  One was the size of Danielle’s leg!  It lasted us a month.  Oh, we still have a little bit left.  Here

Easy Homemade Raw Buckwheat Granola

If you didn’t know, boxed cereals are really worth pennies and they are sold for about $4-$5 a box.  What a rip off.  Well, we used to had them, but now it

Healthy Coconut Lemon Curd Bars

Healthy Coconut Lemon Curd Bars with the Little Homemakers In Training Girls love to make things in the kitchen. Danielle & Destiny (and the rest of the family) have a sweet tooth. We

Sprouted Whole Grain Matzah For Passover

We had our Passover Ceder beautifully this year with one more member of the Family, Liberty Joy.  We enjoy making Matzah together for Feast of Unleavened Bread.  The kids love to get