Chilaquiles: A Real Housewife Saver Meal


This is a quick nutrient packed meal when I am in a rush to get lunch or dinner to the table because the unexpected happened.  Which happens pretty often if you have little people and Dad works from home.  Sometimes the prepared menu doesn’t work because I was too busy to do the preparation time or we had to be out longer than expected.  I am sure many of you understand the exciting life of homemaking.  Predictability isn’t always the trend.  Well, today was one of those days, so I put these Chilaquiles together in about 10 minutes with ingredients that are staples in our home, beans, tortillas, eggs and cheese.

You will need:

3 regular size corn tortillas.  Make sure you have organic corn with a trace of lime tortillas

5 eggs (Pastured is best.  I add one egg per person)

Olive oil

Unrefined salt (optional, I never use it because cheese is salty)

Raw Cheese (any kind)

Beans.  Black beans are my favorite.

Salsa or chopped tomatoes


Heat a pan to low medium heat.  Cut tortillas in small squares or triangles to about 1 inch square.  Grill tortillas until they are crisp.  Add the eggs and and pinch of salt.  Scramble eggs and tortillas. Cover for about two minutes for the steam to cook the eggs.  Uncover and turn them over.  Serve them with black beans, sprinkle cheese and salsa.



If I have some time and by baby isn’t crying out for me, I would chop some fresh tomatoes and cucumbers drizzled with olive oil and salt.  This super quick meal is packed with protein.  I have served it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It’s a real housewife saver meal!  Most important, everyone loves it!

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