Christmas in the Park Witnessing Part 4

Remember that young man I gave an apple because he held up a sign that said “hungry”?  First of all, Sam, that’s his name, didn’t look hungry or homeless , especially with that cell phone.  Well, I had told him that I was coming back to ask him how he did on the quiz.  I thought that since he was just sitting there, he would have plenty of time.  Surprisingly, he told me he didn’t have time because he had to do that first–meaning his asking for money.

“Oh, ok, well, do you have a CD player?”  I thought he was listening to something since he had these really nice earphones on.

“No, this is my cell phone, you never know when someone is going to call”  he said.

At this, I just said good bye because we were on our way to take the children to the bathroom.  Next to this young man was a lady on a bright yellow shirt distributing “The Way to Happiness”  booklets.  Since we were passing by, Jose accepted it and began to browse through it.

By this time we were ready to leave because we didn’t notice that four hours had passed!  The children had done so well I was amazed! But, by now we were all ready for some lunch.   Unfortunately, we couldn’t talk to the lady passing these out.  We noticed that now there were two ladies.

“Hi,” I attempted to at least make a quick stop and give them a tract. “I noticed that this booklet you’re passing out contradicts itself and doesn’t tell you what Truth is.”

“Well, you are right this is more of a moral ethics approach than a religious approach,” she replied.

“You know, I am sorry.  I have to go, but…” I tried to tell her that I can’t stop to talk as I was looking for a tract and CD to giver her.

“Ok, well, what are you passing out?”  She was actually very kind and easy to talk to.  I wish I had more time.  I left her with a Christmas tract and a CD of “The Road that Takes Me Home.”

Jose wanted to go back and talk to the ladies because they are so deceived and are deceiving others.  The booklet is by L. Ron Hubbard.  I guess he is a famous author.  Jose had seen his name around.  Some of the lies in this booklet are:

“What is true is what is true for you…If it is not true for you, it isn’t true.”  Then, it goes on to base the whole book on most of God’s Ten Commandments–of course it doesn’t say that is where he got this ideas.   It gives a deceiving made-up definition of what truth is and finally ends up with “Do not bear false witness.”  An  outrageous example is the section in the book called, “Do not Murder.”  Then it goes on to define murder as “the unlawful killing of one or more human being by another, especially with malice aforethought (intending to do so before the act.)”

This would protect all abortions because they are not “unlawful” and the cruel slave trade of the 1700s where many Africans were brutally murdered and thrown aboard.   You get the idea of what this is about.   It is very sad and upsetting at best because it uses God’s “moral code”, as they call it, to fit their own lifestyle and denying any alliegance or even acknowledgement to Him.  It reminds me of the money changers using the Temple for their own gain than as a God’s holy place of prayer.

Jose asked a series of questions to get these people thinking like, “What if murder is true to me because it is part of my religion.”  Jihad is the annihilation of the enemies of Islam for example.

I went to their website and it was alarming to me how much they are spreading this “religion”.  It’s international and they take it to schools and all sorts of societal pockets claiming that because of this teaching, “wow, their crime has dropped and they are so happy”.

This “religion” is what makes people think they are so”good” and get into a self-righteous mode; which is exactly what we were addressing with the ones we talked to.  We are not good and we cannot be good apart from our Savior.

We do hope to come back and encounter these nice ladies again.  If they claim that there is  no absolute truth, they can’t be using God’s Laws because they are absolute Truth. “The Word became flesh and dwelled among us” John 1:1-3.

One thing I learned, at least for this season, is that I can’t just enjoy myself through the crowd knowing they know nothing of the hope I have in Christ, and that they would listen if I take the time to LOOK.  With all the noise, lights, color, big center stage of Christmas trees and Santa Claus, the Nativity is drown unless the light (us) shine in the deceiving darkness.

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