Enemies of the Family, Enemies of God Part 1

karl marx, enemy of God, enemy of family

karl marx, enemy of God, enemy of family

Have you ever wonder how society, in particular America, got so far from God?  Was it all planned out? Or did things just happened?  Certainly, as we look back to history and research what certain God hater influencers did, we discover the truth about many things unfolding before our eyes today.  Here is one of them:

Who was Karl Marx?

A German Philosopher, a Satanist, whose goal in life was “to dethrone God and destroy capitalism”.  He hated the concept of submission and honor to God ordained authority that was nourished and modeled in the family.  He believed the family stood in the way of his ambitions to replace Christianity with international socialism.   Today, he has millions of followers, most are women.

 Why do we need to know about Karl Marx?

Because practically every person in the West today including Christians look at the world through Karl Marx’s eyes.  Marxism appears in children’s movies, Sat. morning cartoons, universities, seminaries and teachers’ s colleges, elementary schools, comic books, magazines, most movies, and the evening news.  Watered down versions of Marxism are even taught from the pulpits of our local churches.  The entire Western culture has become so Marxist that all of us have become relatively comfortable with a Marxist worldview.

How did Marx’s ideas became so influential?

In 1923, Marx’s followers organized the Frankfurt School to win “The Revolution”, a non-violent overthrow of every nation in the name of communism.  Russia was the first nation to fall, in 1917.   In the next targeted nations it failed.  The problem was Christianity.  They said the revolution would be stalled until Christianity was destroyed, not by guns, but by an alternative theology.  Once socialized with this new theology, the revolution would proceed smoothly and without resistance.  Christendom would be dead, and international communism would be the dominant religion of all nations.  We see that advancing rapidly in our nation nowadays. 

This new theology was a clever “social science”, dressed as behavioral psychology taught at the School.  They got the ideas into every school, every movie studio, and every university in the West.  They replaced Biblical Truth with error and made error “political correct”.

For example: if the Bible taught family-based education, they insisted in forced state schooling with a curriculum of their own design.  If the Bible taught make leadership, they insisted on forced cultural changes to place women over en in every area of society.  If the Bible placed high value on children, they insisted on birth control and abortion.

One of the school’s colleague, Antonio Gramsci explains the process: “The civilized world has been saturated with Christianity for 2000years,” a culture rooted in Christian worldview and practices could only be captured from within.  The recipe for total cultural domination was to “Marxise the inner man…to alter the Christian mind to turn it into its opposite in all its details so that it would become not merely a non-Christian mind but an anti-Christian mind.  He advocated destroying of the civilization from within.  “Everything must be done in the name of man’s dignity and rights, and in the name of his autonomy and freedom from outside restraint.  From the claims and constraints of Christianity above all,”

Women were first on their list to Marxise, then men, then the entire culture, just as Satan targeted a woman first, too.  Our enemies know that women are the weaker vessel and easily led and incredibly influential over their husbands and children and they are excellent loyal helpers.

“Unless millions of women are with us,” stated Lenin, “we cannot exercise the proletarian dictatorship, cannot construct on communist lines.  We must find our way to them, we must study and try to find that way.”  He insisted, “there can be no real mass movement without women”.

 And thus they did.  Today many Christian women have not been able to resist feminism.  Some praise Betty Friedan as a great liberator of modern women.  At least that’s we’re taught in school.  How many Christian women know that she was a Stalinist-Marxist activist, a professional propagandist working for the Communists?  One author, David Horowitz points out “…her interest in women’s liberation was just a subtext of her real desire to create a Soviet America.”  She embraced Karl Marx’s plan to exploit women.  He wrote in 1868,  “major social transformations are impossible without ferment among the women.”  That’s want she did.  Friedman made women unhappy with the joys and duties of womanhood.

Perhaps Marx’s most ingenious and successful move in tearing down Christendom was to inspire women to tear down their homes and families with tier own two hands.

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