Home Education Takes the Lead

It is encouraging to see homeschooled students continue to break ground in different arenas and in different ways.   When America was founded, the founding fathers were home schooled and finishing College at a very early age.

Public school just “gets in the way” of real life education according to Easton LaChappelle. He has several scholarship offers, works at NASA and has businesses rolling through his innovative inventions.  He says public school didn’t teach him anything about it.  He was featured at TEDxMileHigh where he urged the audience to “challenge the systems”.  Some say he could be the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.

Here are some examples that will encourage and inspire homeschooling parents and children to set no limitations to your education.

Here is Easton’s story:




Here is the Harding Family with the youngest architect and youngest Physician in the United States.

Here is Part 2 of these Profiles of Home Education

Here is Part 3 of Profiles of Home Education

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