Homemade Sugar-Free Whipped Cream

imageThis has got to be the easiest thing you do homemade in your kitchen.  My daughter makes it in 10 seconds. I know because she is good at timing it To follow my instructions.  The secret is that it s not made from scratch.  Otherwise, we would have to go milk the cow and separate the cream from the milk.  But we cheat on this one and buy some organic heavy whipped cream.  After having this you will want to toss that stuff the sell you at the store full of preservatives and anemic elements.  Have you read what’s in it?  Don’t get fooled by the ” organic” or “non GMO ” label.  image


You need 1 cup of heavy whipping cream, stevia to taste and about 1 teaspoon of vanilla.

Pour all in the blender and whip for about 10 seconds and done!  Yes! It is that quick.  You will hear the blender spinning with no more cream to whip.  That means it is ready.  If you let it go a little bit longer, it will start to condense.

Enjoy!  We like it on our waffles, shortcakes, pancakes, hot chocolate and my little one likes it just like that as he wipes the container with his fingers!image


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