How young is too young to teach Modesty

modesty, girl

modesty, girl

Unless you’re remotely separated from civilization, you may not have to do much instruction about  Modesty.  But living in a Califorina city where even going to Target or standing at the grocery store’s cashier line is insulting because of the lustful pictures of men and women.  I used to ask my 3 year old to get the mail, but I stop because of the department store’s models ads.  Also, if you have relatives or friends who don’t have the same convictions and give “trendy clothes” to your daughter that are not descent.  Soon I knew that I had to start teaching my daughter right away very young.  Yes, she is a little girl, but she is a growing girl and what I allow now will be normal and common when she is a little older.

As a little girl, I taught her the “Truth or Bare” tips from Secret Keeper Girl (see my Truth or Bare post).  As she got a little older.  I’m talking 5 and 6.  I instructed her in the why so this conviction will be something she believes and becomes a way of life and burden.  It may become legalism if they don’t embrace the truth behind Modesty.

I would teach her two main things:  1)  We don’t dress to please ourselves or please others like friends, relatives, latest fashion, trendy clothes.  2)  We dress to please our King.  “You’re a princess of the King”  I say often, “you dress like one”. 

Thus our girls wear skirts and dresses most of the time.  There is no legalism or strictness about it because the main issue is modesty.  When girls are young they jump and play a lot.  Dad has commanded modesty first in this matter.  Tight clothes are out too and so are boyish looking clothes.  You’ll be surprised how the girls would feel very unconfortable when someone gives them something they’re not used to wearing.  I don’t need to tell my 6 year old anything, she would just want to use the fabric for dolls clothes.

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