Learning Aviation History the Fun Way

This weekend was a tremendous learning experience for the whole family at our local area Air Exposition.  We had previously learned of the remarkably story of the Wright Brothers.  In an age where computers didn’t exist, nor public libraries, no internet, yet these young men persevered and never stopped furthering the vision of flight.  How did they arrived at the flying model?  Observing God’s creation, bird’s feathers.


This exploration took us this Saturday to ride a Hot Air balloon.


Danielle took a helicopter and an airplane ride.  imageDestiny and Danielle went on an airplane cockpit simulator where they got to sit and move the controls.  imageNoah explored a helicopter, made a little wood airplane craft and enjoyed sitting in an old airplane cockpit.  imageWe have an air museum close to our town and they have an Air Show every year.  The Northern California Beach Boys fly their airplanes in some common difficult formations and the pilots donate their planes and time to inspire the young into aviation.We sure walked away with lots of learning, history and unforgettable fun.

Learn about Aviation history and mechanics:

The Wright Brothers

How airplanes work

How Hot Air Balloons work

How Helicopters work

Fun cardboard airplane for your little ones.diy-cardboard-airplane1Why learn how to fly?  Danielle was so excited that she got to go on a helicopter and an airplane.  Now,  they are motivated to learn how to fly.  I explained to them how valuable it is to know.

1.  You can fly in case of an emergency

2.  You can fly to places where going on foot is difficult to reach people with the Gospel

3.  You can teach your children

4.  You can help your husband

5.  You won’t be afraid to get behind that cockpit if it ever comes a time

Whether they ever learn how to fly or not, expanding the horizons of learning and having real reasons why will make learning more meaningful.

You might have somethings like this put together in your area.

What are some other local activities you participate in?

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