Nurturing Children Through A Read-Aloud Story Hour

mother readOne of the most beautiful scenes is a mother sitting with a book and her children snuggled around her.  My children absolutely love this time.  It is a time of closeness and discipleship.

There are truly many benefits of reading aloud to your children:

1. It expands their imaginations.

2. It builds togetherness as a family.

3. By asking questions about the read, children learn to formulate ideas.

4.  They become adventurous and creative.  My children will take what we are reading and turn it into play during their play time.

5.  It is a time of shaping a Biblical worldview into your children by applying God’s Word to what you are reading.

6.  Children will love reading.

7.  By reading well-written books, children develop a good vocabulary and learn to write well.

8. By reading books beyond their speaking abilities, children learn to ask questions for understanding and thus great teaching mother readingsessions happen.

The books you read must be carefully selected.  There have been a few that we started and dropped into the first chapter.   This is specially true if the children have brought some from the library that we didn’t review before.  But for the most part, we read books that we purchase because we will read more than once.  My goal is to read as many good books to my children aloud when they are little, so that when they can read them as they grow.  That way we can further talk about the books and I am at peace knowing what it is they are reading.

Book list ideas:

1. My daughter read the 3 book series of Jonathan Park in two days.  They are educational, fun and adventure packed books.  She has read by herself the daughters of the faith series.  These books are great for studying history.

2. Here is a list we have read in the past and recommend, especially for girls. Book list for girls here

3.  I pretty much recommend all of the Lamplighter Publishing books.  We now enjoy the Lamplighter Theater during our car drive; they are so much fun.

4. We have a book club going on to log our reads and encourage others.  Check it out here

5. Story books are best.  An educational book that is dull, textbook like will ruin the experience.  I have found excellent character building books, science story books, lots of historical accounts that are fun.

I am now beginning to read books that are more for boys like Guns of Thunder and Men of Grits as my little Noah is able to sit for story hour.

When to do story hour:

1. In the middle of the day when it is too hot outside in the summer or the winter days have been long.  After lunch time, baby goes down for a nap, so it is perfect for reading with the other younger ones.

2. Before going to bed.  Once everyone has pajamas on, I serve cookies with milk and snuggle for a fun children’s hour of reading aloud.


…and enjoy your little ones.  Soon they will grow and this time and way of nurturing will not suit them anymore.


What are some of the memories you have of reading to your children?  Seasoned mothers, what are some tips, advise you can give those in the process?



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