Our 2010 Christmas

This year before Christmas, we watched this video by Eric Little and our Christmas would never be the same.  This year was definately different and from now on.  This is how it went:

We prepared a fancy brunch with goblets, even for Sarah.  She felt important.  The only day of the year we let her because she usually spills from anything that doesn’t have a cover, but she did splendid.  We had juice! and turkey bacon! Deliscious pancakes and eggs.

I read The Rich Family’s story as I struggle with a lump in my throat at the story http://www.mikeysfunnies.com/archive/richFamily/index.html

My mother and older brother surprised us with their visit.  Then my young sister and her boyfriend and my younger brother and his fiance.  During brunch I read The Rich Family In church story and we cried and laughed.

The week before Christmas everyone chose a gift from God’s catalogues and wrapped it in a gift box.  On Christmas day the girls went around the house and found the presents.  Lizbeth hid them so she led Sarah to find them.

We read the Christmas story 

Christmas is not Christmas without the story.  We’re a family full of actresses, so this is a given, they begin rehersing a month before.

Then we opened and read what everyone picked to bless the Lord with.  We hadn’t anticipated the blessing of visitors but after watching Depraved Indifference everyone pulled out their wallets and we had the table full of bills for the gifts we wanted to buy.

We blessed the fatherless and a widow from Israel, we supplied water to someone in the persecuted church of Sudan for their entire life.  We supplied a pair of shoes for a boy in Guatemala.  We gave school supplies to a girl from Romania and a chicken and a goat to a boy in Haiti (not boasting about it at all, at the inmense need I feel like it’s nothing and would like to be able to do much more).

For dinner we headed over to my husband’s family.  When we came back we had a birthday party with a chocolate cake (that turned out like brownies).  We sang Amazing Grace and had a little talent show.  We like Handle’s Messiah.  Lizbeth is an “opera singer” and sang the Hallellujah song.

To relax last we watched  for the older ones (after the little ones are in bed):

The Gospel Demands Radical Giving – David Platt from Together for Adoption on Vimeo.

For the children watch the Donutman Christmas celebration and end the day singing glory, glory, glory to God, glory in the Highest.

Why do we don’t give gifts to each other on Christmas?  After watching this one day, we care “the least of these”.

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