Our 2010 Thanksgiving List

This list is to remember the Goodness of God during the year 2010.  Here is every member of our family’s contrubution:

give thanks, thanksgiving, first thanksgiving

Thank You God for:

1. My house and we’re not homeless

2. Food and plenty of yummy food

3.  Clothes

4. Mommy, Daddy, Sarah, Yehoshua and Lizbeth

5. Ants because they’re wise

6. Horses

7. Flowers, the world would be plain without them.

8. Your Word because You teach us to wise

9. The Holy Spirit loving us

10. For providing us this whole year with no income

11.  For our new roof with no leaks

12. Our new tile bathroom floor

13. Healing Sarah’s scary seizures, fever and bumps

14. Yehoshua’s homebirth last April

15.  For the sale of the Mylinda house

16.  Cash in my wallet that never ran out.  It’s a miracle

17. The sale of our piano and old car

18.  The little burner Grandma Pita let us borrow to have a Thanksgiving meal because we don’t have a stove.

19.  That we have a car

20. Cousins, aunts and uncles

21. Keeping us healthy

22.  Grandma’s and Grandpa’s

23.  Mama Sarita’s 104th birthday

24.  Having a heater in these freezing days

25.  Warms blankets to keep us warm in the night

26.  My baby carriage,

27.  Sue who donates to our ministry

28. Toys

29.  Your Creation that is so fun and the creek

30.  For the $3,700 of income you brought us this year

31.  My bike and tricycle

32.  All the tools to do all the work around the house

33.  Providing everything needed for Yehoshua

34.  Our harvest fruit picking trip

35.  Our Sacramento trip to The Call

36.  Goats and cows that we can have cheese

37.  The courage of our Pilgrim fathers who came in the Mayflower to plant the Plymouth Plantation.

37.  For sending Squanto and Samoset to the Pilgrims

38. Making the Mayflower land in Cape Cod Massachusetts

39.  Celebrating our Thanksgiving celebration this year.

40. For Daddy who created Blessed Homestead

41.  For internet

42.  For wordpress


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Francesca Erazo has a passion to see her generations being strong in the Lord. Homesteading has provided an opportunity to grow in many areas of life for the whole family.
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