Our 2011 Journey continues…

We have been in quite a journey of faith in the Lord this year. It started last year, 2010, we sold our house in the hills, Noah was born a month after that when we moved to our little house (not so little actually). Then we put the house for sale and sold this year in June. I’m finally relaxing a bit from living out of boxes. For about two years I’ve had packed boxes. Even today, I was still unpacking and more boxes are coming still. Yet I know that it is only a matter of time before I have to pack again. When we sold our house, we had no clue where to go. With no income for about two years, we didnt’ want to and couldn’t rent in this area. It is just too expensive. We’ve put the map, of America, and asked the Lord where He wants us.
In the midst we have been truly blessed by our church community. The encouragement and exhortations of the preaching of the Word and the friendships have edified us and given us some stability in these times transition.
For a month after we left our house we had been “like camping”. Like the widow who took in Elijah when he had nothing, we were blessed by a dear sister in the Lord to enjoy our peaceful stay with her. Then we headed over to Redding with another dear brother and his family who hosted us. Then we stayed at my Mother’s house for a few days.
Every night we would gather as a family and thank the Lord for providing for us our daily needs. But I desperately cried out to the Lord for stability and our own place to be able to train our children, not merely raise them.
That very night, another dear friend e-mailed me that she had her house for rent. It was a very expensive rent and a beautiful home in a gated country club golf community, so I replied that we ca housesit while she found renters. She responded by giving us the house to basically house sit. What a blessing!!! We thanked God as soon as we stepped foot here. He blessings are over abundant.
Now we’ve asked the Lord to reveal to us His eternal purposes for having us here. We certainly don’t need this big home. The next day we moved here, Jose gets a call about someone wanting to start a house of prayer in this city!!! We knew we were in God’s perfect will. We’re praying about the wisest way to proceed and thrilled that the Lord has great plans for our family in every step of our way.

We don’t know how long we’ll be here before I start packing again. But in the meantime, we’re enoying our fellowship with the Holy Spirit through our family’s fellowship and the blessing of this home. Our girls are content, they’ve always been, with little or much. Our little man is blossoming. We thanked the Lord for allowing us to enjoy him 15 months of his life. He is starting to talk, hug, show his tender love to his sisters and eat with a fork by himself.

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Francesca Erazo has a passion to see her generations being strong in the Lord. Homesteading has provided an opportunity to grow in many areas of life for the whole family.
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