Our Family Rules from the Duggar’s

I like to put things on the wall that will remind my family and I of God’s Word and what He expects of us as His children.  God even commands us to write His laws on our doorposts and tie them around our fingers.  When we see them, we remember more.  I taped these rules by our eating table because I like to have important discussions while we eat.  Everyone is present and sitting down ready to eat and listen.  Thus, I have discussed these and explained the rules.  It has been a real blessing because they are very specific in describing not only the behavior but feelings.  I do explain what the Word of God says about each one of these.  This is one thing I would add.  These rules are in addition to an “If and Then Chart” that I designed for our family as well, which is  more detailed including consequences and Bible verses to memorize.


These rules I took from the Duggar’s family.  I found out, it is not enough to have a rule that says, “obey your parents”.  Spelling it out for the little children is good training to what it looks like to obey.  God gave us 10 commandments and then He spelled it out in many specific situations to show us what it looks like to love Him and to love others.


It is important to present rules in a positive way.  I asked the children, “Do you like it when someone hits you? or yells at you?”.  Immediately, they answer, “No”.  “These rules will help all of us to remember how the Lord expects us to live together in harmony.”

1. Always use soft words, even when you don’t feel well.

2. Always display kind actions, even if you have been mistreated.

3. Show joyful attitudes even when no one is looking.
4. Have sincere motives with no thought of self-gain.
5. Think pure thoughts.
6. Always give a good report of others. Never tale-bear unless physical harm will come to someone. Use Matthew 18 as your standard.
7. Never raise a hand to hit.
8. Never raise a foot to kick.
9. Never raise an object to throw.
10. Never raise a voice to yell.
11. Never raise an eye to scowl.
12. Use one toy/activity at a time.
13. Never let the sun go down on your wrath. (Don’t go to be angry or guilty.)
14. Amendment J.O.Y.: Put Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last. Make serving your family a priority.
How about your family rules?  Do you have any? What are they?

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Francesca Erazo has a passion to see her generations being strong in the Lord. Homesteading has provided an opportunity to grow in many areas of life for the whole family.
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