Princess Adelina

I gave this book as a 7th year birthday to my daughter.  When we started reading it, she didn’t let me put it down into the late nights.  We both were hooked and couldn’t put it down.

Very few books are worthy of our time nowadays.  This book is non-fiction, we learned good history and woman Christian virtue.  It helped her as a daughter and me as a wife.  Adelina is truly a shining example, a perfect role model for all of us ladies and maidens of today.    We have been captivated for days meditating on her virtues, character, bravery, strength, humility, love for God, righteousness, faithfulness and the list goes one.  Even as young as 17 years old, as she is introduced in the book.  I have learned a lot from her humility and commitment to God, seeking not her own interests but the interests of others.  Adelina, as a wife of a Pagan ruler, she strongly lives out the words of  Peter of living in submission to an unbelieving husband.  She beautifully displays a woman of noble character as protrayed in Proverbs 31.   She truly opens her mouth with wisdom and the law of kindness is in her mouth.

A must read for every maiden.  As a mother and daughter read was very sweet.  My daughter prepared to act out scenes, to recreate the story during play.  As a homeschool project, we’ve created a compare and contrast between Adelina and Geila.  And one day she wishes to make a movie.

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