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Cowboy Quiche & Cowgirl Casserole Recipes

We all like both the cowboy quiche and the cowgirl casserole.  Although, you don’t have to use a curst for the quiche unless you want to.  I usually don’t have the time

Sprouted Yogurt & Coconut Waffles

 Saturday Mornings it’s pancake or waffles at our home.  These are so much fun to make because almost every week we experiment with different ingredient combinations.  We wanted to post this ones

Oatmeal Casserole

Now I have the opportunity to share one of our favorite morning breakfasts.  I like this one because it is easy to make and very filling too.  I does require some forethought. 

Banana Split for Breakfast

[fb_button] “This is soooo good!”  “Mommy, I want this for my birthday!” I love to hear great comments over our meals.  Breakfast is always a favorite, but this one was definitely an