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Emergency Preparedness: Simple and Inexpensive Refrigeration

For right now, we don’t have a solar panel yet.  If we needed refrigeration and it wasn’t winter and no access to ice, my first choice for alternative refrigerationi to have ready

Emergency Preparedness: Water Purification

When it comes to planning Emergency situations, water is at the top of our list.  Where do I get water from when I ran out of clean water?  How do I haul

Simple and Cheap Food Preparedness

Have you been overwhelmed by all the dried food buckets for emergencies and their high prices.  I don’t like processed foods, so I have been saving legumes and grain in bulk for

Emergency Preparedness: How To Wash Clothes Without A Washing Mahine

I had been thinking what would be the most efficient way to take care of laundry in the case of an emergency.  I am thinking here about months without electricity.  That is

Family Fire Preparedness! How To Start A Fire

With all the chaos and uncertainty going on in our country.  It is now so essential that we prepare our homes and family for any emergency.  A wise woman would be prepared