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The Myth Of A Mother’s Paycheck

The greatest excuse women give for not staying at home is that they can’t afford it.  They need two incomes to survive.  I live in one of the top 4 most expensive

The Home: A Place of Economics – Part 9

I really want to inspire women to come back home and make it their center for economic affairs.  It can be their source, not a sacrifice.  I wish to debunk the myths

A Word About Debt and Borrowing

Yes, yes, I know it is very tempting to get into debt, to borrow money.  Especially with all these Government insentives for people to upgrade their cars, houses and appliances.  A few years

Credit Score or A Good Name?

I’ve heard many say “I don’t care about my credit.”  There are different reasons why people would say that.  “It’s a concept of the kingdom of this world”, “you should not live