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How To Make Apple Cider Vinegar And It’s Many Uses

Here we are with Destiny and Danielle making raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar.  This is so easy and costs you nothing.  Well, nothing you really have to buy.  When we eat apples,

Essential Oils Uses For The Natural Homemaker: A Basic Guide For Starters

I highly recommend adding essential oils to our homemaking.  They are so helpful in many different ways from calming down super active children in the evening to healing scrapes and adding a

Allergy Season Symptoms, ChemTrails And Detox for Children

This year allergy symptoms hit even my little ones. Unprecedented in my family, thus, we began to find out why everyone around us came down with the same symptoms. Symptoms of allergy

Treating Lizbeth’s tooth infection

External treatment for tooth abscess: Lizbeth came down with a tooth infection.  It served as a lesson to the whole family of the importance of taking time for teeth hygine and flossing.