Weekend Family Fun: Creation’s Scavenger Hunt


Something that children always love are scavenger hunts.  I like putting meaningful scavenger hunts that will teach a lesson.  I will share some of them in the future.  Here is a simple one that the whole  family can participate as you go for a “Creation walk”.  If fact,  I highly recommend going for a walk everyday with your children no matter the weather.   Kids like to get ready for walks anyways.  Bundle them up if it’s cold with all their scarves, gloves and beanies.  Grab that umbrella for rain or sun.  Water boots are excellent since kids can’t resist the puddles.  If it’s too hot, carry a water spray bottle and drinking water.  So plan well for what time of the day is best to go out.  We like mornings, now that the weather is perfect around here.


Here is an idea of our hunt.  I printed a sheet of paper for each child on a nice nature background:

Creation’s Scavenger Hunt

  • Something fuzzy

  • Two kinds of seeds

  • Two pieces of man-made litter

  • Something straight

  • Something round

  • Something smooth

  • Something rough

  • Two different types of leaves

  • Something that makes noise

  • A chewed leaf

  • A beautiful rock

  • Something you think is beautiful

  • A pinecone

  • A critter – dead or alive

  • A feather

  • Something you think is a treasure


Sit down under a shady tree and give a treat to the kids for their great job hunting.  Share what they found and you can draw object lessons from each finding.  For example,  study how God perfectly designed the feather with hollow bones so they can be light and flexible for flight.  You can expand on flight and history of the Wright Brothers.   Collect all the rocks they picked up and talk about David who fought Goliath with 5 smooth stones.  Then practice their sling shooting.  What fun for the boys! And girls too!


The girls found rough and smooth stones.  We had a great conversation as we sat for a snack  and talked about how God uses each one of us in a family to make us smooth like the stone.  We are born rough but like the river rocks that get tossed along the river with other rocks, they end up smooth.   So we want our character to be smoothed out.   Be creative, the lessons are endless.

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