What our Home Education looks like these days

One of the advantages of home educating is that your children will never lack creativity and will be self learners for life! With no TV or running up and down to the latest or popular activity outside the home, our girls have no end and not enough time in the day to flourish in their creativity. Lizbeth can pick up anything and transform it.

1. Our home is an Opera House.  Lizbeth blesses us all singing her favorite Hymn, “Amazing Grace” throughout the day.

Their Horse carriage

2.  Our home is a Theater.  Everyday we enjoy performances such as, Mary mother of Jesus, Ruth, Queen Esther, Barbara and Regina  Leininger, Heidi, Mary and Laura Ingalls.  Adventure and drama have become part of our lives as Mom and Dad are encouraged to participate in these day to day live performances as we go about our daily routines.

3. Our home is an Orphanage.  Every meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner, our doorbell rings and we have a poor orphan girl in rags, looking hungry and sickly with a few belongings in her hand.  She is invited to join us for the meal and of course adopted into the family.

4.  Our home is a Restaurant.  There is “cooking” in the bathroom, playroom and of course in the kitchen.  As we gather for our meals Sarah and Lizbeth have always something deliscious to contribute.  Sometimes the food is hard like “wood”, sometimes is gooy like “play dough with water”.   And we better eat of if too.

5. Our home is a dance studio. Everyday little Sarah learns new moves and wants us all to see her do them over and over.
Lizbeth now with more controlled moves than the jerky ones feels like a real ballerina.

6. Scrip writing workshop. Over and over and over and over will you hear, “pretend you say, ‘Oh look at that girl how she dances… ” or “pretend you say, “(whatever name character they’re into) Laura, would you like to eat with us…”

7. And of course, every homeschooling family knows why moms are book addicts and we like to collect books even we may never read but I excuse myself thinking the kids will read. We read at least 2 hours a day together in addition to independent reading. Little Sarah, has memorized the stories that she is so excited she can READ!

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Francesca Erazo has a passion to see her generations being strong in the Lord. Homesteading has provided an opportunity to grow in many areas of life for the whole family.
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