Witnessing at Christmas in the Park Part 1

Our whole family spent the day at Christmas in Park sharing the Gospel with people.

little assistantsThe children were so patient entertained with all the movement around.  Lizbeth was our little assistant.  She was more excited about witnessing than anyone else.   Being together as a family was great because people least expected someone with a stroller and little ones approach them to share about Jesus.  That is exactly what one man said.

“I saw you guys there and never thought you would come talk to me.”

As a rule I would approach young people and woman and Jose said he will take the “tough ones”.

One thing for sure that we found ou–and you wonder why–was that  no one we spoke with knew anything about Christmas.  Yet, they did say they celebrated Christmas.  When I would ask what they knew about Christmas, everyone would laugh and admit they really didn’t know anything.  One girl did say that she thought it was Jesus’ Birthday, but didn’t know why or anything else.

Our day went something like this:

As we entered the parking lot, we gave the young man at the ticket booth a copy of a “Christmas Quiz” with the Gospel presentation on the back and a CD gift as a thank you for letting us park there for free!  I am serious! It’s called, “friends in high places”.  Actually, my sister works for the parking crew and arranged it for us.  He was very kind and thanked us.

Next, we passed a young man who was asking for food because apparently, he was hungry.  At least that’s what his sign said.  Yet, he had his cell phone and earphones on.  I gave him an apple and a Christmas Quiz and told him that I would be back to ask him how he did.

Our next encounter was very interesting.  A man who knew some idea about  God, after death and Judgement.

“So, what do you do on Christmas?” I asked.

“Well, nothing.”  he answered.  Later, told us that he doesn’t have any family and he is thankful for that.

After some more conversation, I asked, “If Santa was to use the Ten Commandments to decide whether you are naughty or nice?  How would you measure up?”

“I am a good person,” he said rather unsure.  Then I went through some questions if he had broken any of the Ten Commandments.  After realizing and admitting, that he will stand guilty before the Great Judge, he started making the excuse that nobody knows for sure where they are going because nobody has see their name written on the Book of Life and no one will ever know until we get there.

“True,” I said, “But there is a way you can know for sure.”  Well, he was so stuck on that thought that I didn’t continue talking with him.  Jose continued the conversation who had been also talking to the man.  He talked with him quite awhile.  Believe me, Jose is good at making friends because he has such a patience to talk.

Jose witnessing

“So what church or religion are you trying to take me?”  he asked.

“None” Jose said, “I’m just sharing Truth from the Bible”.

“Ok,  tell me what church you go to then, I may want to go”  he said.  When Jose mentioned Heritage Reformed, he started saying how he doesn’t like the Reformation and that Martin Luther was  a rebel because he divided the church.  Jose tried to explain how he  brought up truth from the Bible that the church was not following like indulgences and purgatory…

“Well, you guys are all divided, at least the Catholics are united.  Bruce Lee once said that if all religions of the world were to unite, the world would be very different.”

“Oh, that can never be possible.  Religions can never unite and even if they did, it will never make the world a better place.  Man is sinful at heart since birth.”  Jose tried to explain.

Jose continued conversation with him while I went over to talk to some high school students.  Their story is in Part 2

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